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Musée Jules Desbois

A sculpture by Jules DeboisIn Parçay Les Pins, a short walk away, is the stylish Musée Jules Desbois, which traces the career of this accomplished sculptor. Just opposite the museum is the house where he was born and was the first museum dedicated to his works.

Born in 1851 Desbois later moved to Paris, where he was spotted and nurtured by Rodin, who became a friend along with Camille Claudel, whose works are also exhibited. Over sixty of his works are displayed in this beautiful building in the village square. The museum was financed by regional, national and EU funding.

Rodin’s tribute to the talent of Jules Desbois was should he himself pass away, “you still have Desbois”.

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David d'Angers Sculpture Gallery

This gallery is dedicated to David d’Angers and set in a boldly converted church in the Angers. An amazing amount of light through the windows shows off the exhibits.

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The Musée des Beaux-Arts

This gallery of fine arts in Angers has a great permanent collection, in particular Rodin, along with innovative exhibitions. Its major collections range from early Italian pieces to Flemish works. There is also a wonderful garden too and cafe at the entrance to the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

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Centre of Contemporary Art at Bouvet-Ladubay

In Saumur there is the Centre of Contemporary Art at Bouvet-Ladubay. Here you can see some excellent temporary exhibitions by cutting-edge artists and as a bonus visit the caves of Bouvet-Ladubay to learn how the local fizz is made.

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Music and Concerts

Concerts are a regular feature in the area, notable the Avoine Jazz Festival at the beginning of July and concerts in the abbeys at Cunault and Fontevraud as well as at Angers and Tours.

For opera fans the Opéra de Baugé season is a pure delight.

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