A Friendly Environment!

Please help us where you can!

We encourage recycling:

Wine corks
  • We supply reusable shopping bags in each property.
  • The water is drinkable – no need to buy bottled water.
  • There are compost bins in the garden.
  • There is a collection point in village for glass, metal, plastic and paper.
  • We’ll send your wine corks for recyling too!

Reducing the use of harmful products:

  • Soft water to all properties reduces the use of anti-calcium chemicals.
  • The swimming pool uses a saline water treatment system which uses less chemicals and is kinder to sensitive skins.
  • Environmentally friendly washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, toilet cleaner and general purpose cleaners.
  • Steam cleaned bathrooms and UV vacuum for upholstery.

Conserving energy:

  • Solar heating for domestic water in the main house.
  • Solar shower by the swimming pool.
  • ‘A’ rated electrical equipment for energy efficiency.
  • Energy efficient lighting.
  • A ‘Pool Dome’ minimises loss of water by evaporation
  • Our ‘Pool Dome’ retains the water heat without using extra energy.
  • Geothermic heating and hot water.
  • Photo voltaic panels generating electricity

Shopping locally:

Our bantam chickens
  • A short walk to the café-bar.
  • A well stocked village shop.
  • Two local farm-shops for fresh produce.
  • Home made ice-cream and sorbets.
  • Fresh eggs from our chickens.
  • Bikes are available.