A little about us

Jean and MikeLes Mortiers has been our home for over 15 years. We love the place and and enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge of the Loire Valley with our guests.

The tourist information library at Les Mortiers is packed with useful information covering a wide range of interests. We will recommend a vineyard for you, share the latest information on the best places to visit or eat, book a restaurant or an event for you, and do all we can to ensure you have a memorable and happy holiday.

For those interested in fishing or traditional crafts, we run a small specialist company making pure silk lines for trout and salmon fishing. There are no more than four producers of this type of fishing line in the world, two of which are in France. We will be happy to show you more… or why not try casting a fly line?

Star Ratings

****The French Government through its Ministry for Tourism has introduced a new national quality standard for tourism. Classification is not obligatory, but from July 2012 none of the old systems are valid. We achieved a 3-star rating for the Grenier and a 4-star rating for the Grange and Poppas. We went for validation because:

  • Our guests are important and their holiday time must not be wasted.
  • We wanted a reputable guarantee of quality that was easily understood.
  • We wish to maintain our high reputation and high return-rate.
  • It is a good discipline and a self-audit.

We’ve written more about our ratings on our blog.


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